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Raising Awareness about CASK Gene Disorders is a vital aspect to our Mission, but it can also be your mission!!!

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Every Story matters whether you have a child affected by CASK, or know someone who is affected by CASK please get in touch

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“In some ways, that CASK-linked pathology is degenerative in nature provides a positive outlook. Because microcephaly in CASK-linked pathology progresses postnatally, there may be a temporal window when therapeutic intervention might prevent or slow further brain cell loss. Regression, even in adolescence, has also been observed in some cases of MICPCH [119], again offering the tantalizing possibility that a therapeutic approach might prevent such decline under conditions when degeneration is known to progressThe potential benefits of intervention might extend even further given that non-cell-autonomous toxicity could also affect functioning of the remaining neurons; reduction of such toxicity, especially when coupled with high-intensity rehabilitative measures [120], might offer real hope for a positive impact on functional outcomes.”